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Quoted By Carpe Diem Customer:
Dianne N, Minneapolis, MN
1500mg CBD Muscle Cream

“Hello, I am Dianne Nelson…Stacey Degen’s mom. 3 ½ years ago I began a long period of time with debilitating back issues. With the support of many people I tried everything to avoid surgery. My daily and nightly life was being affected so in July 2019 I had surgery on my lower back fusing 3 discs and “cleaning up a lot of other issues” found during the surgery.Recovery has been long but my only residual is pain in each hip area. Injections help for a period of time as does Tylenol. I have used a CBD cream that has some initial affect but doesn’t last long. Last week I was working in Stacey’s yard…began feeling uncomfortable when she had me try your CBD product. I have not ever had anything…except IV drugs…work as quickly and last as long. It is amazing!!Thank you so very much for the bottle. I will use it sparingly with the understanding I have something that works almost immediately!!! A nice concept for me!!!! Best wishes in your new venture!!”


Quoted By Carpe Diem Customer:

Seven Nicole St. Clair, PhD, Minneapolis, MN
5000mg Full Spectrum Tincture & 1500mg Muscle Cream

"I’ve been using Charlottes Web CBD oil because of the long history and research and have been very happy with it. I decided to try Carpe Diem because I  heard great things about it and the cost was so much less, CW is very expensive. I’m so glad I did, I honestly didn’t think I would like it better than CW but, I like it so much more! You need much less of it, the price is significantly lower and it gives better outcomes. The oral drops are delicious and rich tasting and the creams give you instant pain relief and beautiful skin. Save yourself time and money and order Carpe Diem, you won’t be disappointed! Support small family owned businesses and farms that harvest."


Quoted By Carpe Diem Customer:

Heather B, Buffalo, MN
2500mg CBD Isolate OIl Tincture


“Before I ever tried CBD I was a firm non-believer. My doctor had suggested trying it for at least a year for my migraines before I actually did it. It came at a time of desperation where none of my migraine medications, including my injections were not working.

A friend of mine offered to bring me some Carpe Diem CBD (1500mg CBD Isolate Tincture), I thought about it and decided to give it a go. I was AMAZED with the outcome. Although it didn’t fully get rid of my migraine, it helped it reduce by 85%. It gave me relief so I could continue my day.

Since then I have used it multiple times for my migraines (now using 2500mg CBD Isolate Tincture) and if I get it at the early stages it goes away immediately. It has also helped my sleep patterns improve and also eased my anxiety. If you are hesitant at all don’t be. I only wish I tried it sooner!”

Quoted By Carpe Diem Customer:
Ben F, PharmD., Retired Military, Spokane, WA
2500mg CBD Full Spectrum Oil Tincture & 1500mg CBD Muscle Cream


“I have been using your CBD oil tincture at night to help me fall asleep and it has a terrific job helping me relax.  Once asleep I am able to stay asleep all night and there is no morning drowsiness.  In addition I have been using the topical muscle cream on my sprained ankle each night before going to bed.  It has helped to reduce the pain and I am finally able to not be bother with it during the night.  Having psoriasis for years I decided to try the cream on my patches.  It has not eliminated them but has reduced the itching and flakes.  These products are wonderful and I plan to continue using them. ”


Quoted By Carpe Diem Customer:

Tim R, Minneapolis, MN
1000mg Roll On CBD Muscle Gel


“After using it (2000mg Muscle Gel) last night, within the first hour I had overall reduction in knee pain. Within two hours I had increased flexibility and reduction of pain in the patella as well as diminished muscle tightness/fatigue in the lower quad. I applied the same cream the following morning and since that application, I have experienced about an 80% reduction in knee and quadriceps pain. I'm a firm believer in this muscle cream and I'm truly impressed with the consistency and non-greasy texture. It seems to absorb fully and has a pleasant aroma. Five stars for this product”.


Quoted By Carpe Diem Customer:

Jon D, Minneapolis, MN
1000mg Roll On CBD Muscle Gel


“Having had to deal with degenerative disc disease in my cervical spine (neck) for over 15 years, I  have often needed to use balms  and lotions to reduce the pain enough to be able start my day and get to work. This balm has been the most easy to use and fastest acting balm I've ever used”.

It's really easy to apply the balm where you want it quickly and cleanly without getting your hands messy .  The effects  can be felt almost immediately. I would recommend it to anyone.


Quoted By Carpe Diem Customer:

Stacey D, Minneapolis, MN

1500mg Cedarwood Scent Muscle Cream & 2500mg Full Spectrum Oil Tincture

“As a natural health care provider, my goal is to provide my patients and community with natural health care solutions that are safe with reliable results.  I have been very happy with the results my patients have experienced with these products for sleep support and pain management, I highly recommend these products.”


Quoted By Carpe Diem Customer:

Heather W, Minneapolis, MN

2000mg Citrus Scent CBD Lotion


“Face & Body lotion with 2000 Mg Cbd...... has simplified my morning routine to a one product application twice a day . The reality of living in Minnesota and its harsh winters has created havoc on my aging skin. I found myself Caught in a vicious cycle between Dry patchy and Cystic acne . I was given a sample of the 2000 mg CBD face and body lotion from my friend Ben . He said try it and let me know your thoughts. I am a newbie to CBD/Hemp products but I had herd so many positive reports ... like Moisturizing and diffusing inflammation , Moderates oil production,And has anti-aging properties... Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah yes sir I will try it ! ...And the company farms and manufactures all within Minnesota ..! JACKPOT.... Fast forward to six months later I am a believer. My dry patchy skin is now balanced. I No longer have a shelf full of products to fix my face . I’m one and done . I often receive compliments on my “youthful glow “ and asked how old am I . I love this stuff . I want to lather it all over and drink it . I just ordered my first Tincture . So I can do just that!

Thank you Heather Hemp 🤩 Mpls Mn”

Quoted By Carpe Diem Customer:

Birabwa M, Los Angeles, CA
1500 Full Spectrum Oil Tincture & 1000mg Roll On CBD Muscle Gel 


“Balance Full Spectrum CBD Oil - I usually incorporate OM mushrooms for balance in my breakfast daily. I stopped taking them when I started Carpe Diem. I felt a slight difference in that I felt a little less stressed by day 4. I was taking the oil once a day in the morning which is why I realized that it typically wore off after about half of a work day. When I stopped taking the CBD oil, I noticed a difference by that afternoon. I wasn't taking the mushrooms either at this point so I noticed a drastic difference then. I don't like the taste of CBD oil at so my response here is pretty biased. I don't like the taste but it is way more tolerable than other CBD oils and edibles. I couldn't get the dropper to fill more than like a quarter way so I just doubled it. Didn't bother me at all. Overall I would say the oil works to balance and on a scale of 1-5 on taste I would rate it a 4/5.       
 Relief Full Spectrum Muscle Gel - I don't know what to say here aside from Thank you and don't stop making this. The wear and tear on my body from soccer, working in front of a computer, running and aging is significant. The only other rub that I have been able to find that really works on deep muscle and joints is the CBD Clinic's Level 4 Pain Relief Ointment. It's medical grade so already your product had a leg up because of the natural ingredients. I have very sensitive skin so if I have to use an oil outside of peppermint, tea tree, pure caprylic acid, MCT or pure squalene I'm fairly skeptical.  This gel was perfectly fine on my skin. In terms of the feeling - I am used to pain relief products that feel like an ointment or salve.  Your product was a warm welcome because it's a gel so it penetrated the skin quicker, didn't leave a residue on my skin, didn't leave residue on my shirts etc and it wasn't drying. I wouldn't classify the smell as "pleasant" but personally, I'm not looking for a pleasant smell when I have pain. Your product also smells more like peppermint as opposed to menthol which is great as well.  I haven't used my CBD ointment since I left it in San Diego so once this came I was excited to try it.  As soon as I rubbed it on, I started feeling immediate relief right away so I didn't use more.  What I realized after the 3rd night was that it worked but not for that long.  After thinking about it I decided to try it again but use more gel.  Because I have sensitive skin, I was naturally using a little amount because it was a new product for my skin. Also, since it provides immediate relief, i was probably using less than I should be so I switched from pea size to quarter size.  The 4th night was like heaven. I slept through the night and woke up with no aches. I started using it during the day as well until I can get the daytime one. Of course the first night that I stopped using it, every trigger point known to mankind returned with a vengeance.  So I only went 2 nights with no gel and then started using it again. This gel is awesome.”


Quoted By Carpe Diem Customer:

Jaina P, Minneapolis, MN
2500 Full Spectrum Oil Tincture & 2000mg Citrus Scent CBD Lotion

“I was so utterly impressed and pleased with my experience with your CBD products. I used the tincture (one dropper full) each evening and the lotion (full body and  face three times per day) and roller spot treatment (once per day on low back) for seven days. Here is my experience. Tincture: first three nights slept really well and noticed a euphoric soft and heavy feeling 20 minutes after taking the CBD. The following four nights I had trouble falling asleep and couldn’t get shut eye until about 1 am - but that could be related to other stresses in life.Lotion: This was my absolute favorite product. I would use this everyday and night pretty much forever. I used a high application each time, fully saturating my skin, and honestly ran out by day 5. After a shower and moisturizing my whole body felt incredible. Like every muscle was bathed in light and soothing comfort. I felt my entire body and every muscle relax. It was honestly surprising, I wasn’t expecting such an effect. This is the product I would highly recommend to my clients. The smell is nice, not too strong, and the lotion consistency is hydrating but not greasy. It’s a really nice, light cream for face and body.”

Quoted By Carpe Diem Customer:

Mary J, Minneapolis, MN
1500 Full Spectrum Oil Tincture


“This is by far the best sleep aid I’ve ever had. Within 30 minutes of taking 1 full tincture, I am sleeping the deep sleep comparable to someone having worked physically hard all day.”


Quoted By Carpe Diem Customer:

Emily O, Minneapolis, MN
2000mg CBD Lotion

“I have been using NorthStar Hemp lotion for the past month and it has become a daily indulgence. Can we first talk about the pillowy texture? It is like a chocolate mousse cloud that goes on smooth with a pleasant earthy hemp scent. It sinks in smooth and hydrates without stickiness. I always feel like I sleep better after moisturizing with it, thanks to quick absorption. I highly recommend this product.”


Quoted By Carpe Diem Customer:

Marnie P, Minneapolis, MN
1000mg Roll On CBD Muscle Gel & 2500MG Full Spectrum Tincture


“As a massage therapist and body worker,  it’s wonderful to have a product that can be used to spot treat specific areas/injuries. The muscle gel is light weight and absorbs into the skin. It’s a beautiful texture and doesn’t leave your skin feeling greasy.  The mild scent also dissipates as the gel dries. I’ve used many other CBD products and this is by far my favorite! I love that the gel absorbs and leaves the skin dry!
I sometimes have trouble sleeping. The  CBD oil has allowed me to sleep straight thru the nite without waking up.  Thank you! ”


Quoted By Carpe Diem Customer:

Franny P, White Bear Lake, MN
1000mg Roll On CBD Muscle Gel


“Suffering from shoulder pain I was introduced to the Carpe Diem (1500mg Muscle Cream). The results were wonderful! I’m actually back to doing push-ups in the workouts with little to no pain! I highly recommend this product”.

Quoted By Carpe Diem Customer:

Ali A, Minneapolis, MN
2500mg CBD Isolate Oil Tincture and 1500mg CBD Muscle Cream


“I’m 34 and a new mom. I’m also a chronic pain sufferer. I have been using a combination of CBD Isolate and muscle cream for 8 days and the relief I am experiencing is exceptional. I am sleeping through the night and taking zero OTC meds for inflammatory relief. I forgot what it was like to be pain free. I will never go back to ibuprofen and am chasing my toddler with a smile vs a grimace. I highly recommend these products for anyone experiencing anxiety or pain. These are truly life changing products”.